Central Norway

Central Norway

Central Norway is a delight. Trondheim is a popular port on the Hurtigruten route, and rightly so. With the gorgeous Nidaros Cathedral – the most important religious building in Norway – and its historic Bakklandet district, you can’t go wrong walking around here. If you leave the city and head out into the countryside, you’ll be greeted with rolling hills and old farms. Close to the Swedish border is Røros, a UNESCO World Heritage-listed mining town. I firmly believe Røros is Norway’s best kept secret: its famous amongst locals for its winter season with sledding and skiing, huskies, and Sami community. 

Central Norway Map

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Trondheim is one of Norway’s most important historic cities. This is where the Vikings first brought Christianity; Olav Tryggvason is the first credited with bringing the new religion to Norway, and he founded Trondheim. The second King Olav succeeded, and he is today the Saint of Norway – Saint Olav. 

If you are riding Hurtigruten or are renting a car, make Trondheim a priority. Interestingly, tour buses and cruise ships don’t really come here. Make the most of it and enjoy Trondheim!


Røros is a UNESCO World Heritage-listed mining town that is a must on any visit to Norway. At one point this was the site of Røros Copper Works – one of the most profitable companies in Norwegian history. Much of the town is preserved today, and while mining may be a thing of the past, today you can try Røros’ speciality foods and buy a tweed blanket. Both are very famous throughout Norway. 

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