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Hurtigruten Ports: Havøysund

Apr, 07, 2020

When Hurtigruten is in port, you really don’t have enough time to walk around the town. This is more of a port to get off the ship and stretch your legs.

The docking of Hurtigruten in the morning is a local source of entertainment for the locals, so you might see that the town is surprisingly active for so early in the morning! The main town area is located further to your left (if you have your back to the ship), and immediately to your left is a fish processing plant.

Image result for SS Hera
SS Hera

Off the pier is a granite memorial for a Hurtigruten ship that sunk in 1931. Probably not the most reassuring thing to see in Havøysund, but you can’t miss it after stepping off the ship. The ship was SS Hera (1913-1931). Darkness, high winds and currents led the ship to run aground at full speed on an underwater reef north of Havøysund. SS Hera immediately began taking on water and sinking. Officier Einar Ramm (“The Hero of Havøygavlen”) swam to land with a long line and rescued people onto the shore. 56 people survived while 6 died. The sea tore a little girl out of her father’s arms, while others died of cold and exhaustion in the pebbles. The survivors set off on foot across the mountains (with the deceased) to Havøysund. SS Hera broke up and sank in deep water. A much-needed beacon was set up at Havøygavlen, while Einar Ramm was awarded a gold medal for heroism.

From the Ship

A photo taken from Hurtigruten in the 1950s. It sure has changed since then!

Havøysund is an important cargo loading port, so it’s often quite hectic – making it entering for you to watch from the ship!

You’ll also clearly see the colourful houses that characterise the town – these were all built after the Second World War.

Emma Vestrheim

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