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Music Videos Shot in Bergen

May, 12, 2020

I must admit that I’m definitely one of those people who gets super excited when I see my home city in someone else’s video. I sit back and watch like a proud parent: “yes, that is my city! Look how good it looks!”. Then I get the link and share it onto everyone I know, including when I’m on tour. My groups have seen so many music videos shot in Bergen, and that’s okay!

It therefore seems only natural that I put together a list of music videos that were shot in Bergen & highlight the city in some way. This is by no means a complete list; if you know any other music videos please let me know! It’d be great to keep this list growing.

With each music video, I’ve also tried to put together a list of where it was filmed, just in case you see a spot and think: “I want to go there!”.

You can keep up to date with the music in Norway by following my Spotify Playlist:


“Happy Now” by Kygo

Bergen Locations:

  • 0:09: Looks like the view from Mt. Ulriken
  • 0:13: The piano is in the concert hall at Troldhaugen, the Edvard Grieg Museum.
  • 0:30: May also be views from Mt. Ulriken, though I could be wrong
  • 0:36: Hiking tails close to Mt. Ulriken
  • 0:42: View from the top of Mt. Ulriken
  • 0:52: The forest looks like the one you see on Mt. Fløyen, but I could be wrong. You at least get similar scenery there!
  • 1:07: Shot over Sandviken
  • 1:08: The famous Bryggen wharf!
  • 1:11: Kaf is a well-known cafe located in Bellgården on Bryggen
  • 1:41: Crossing the Hardanger Bridge near Eidfjord
  • 2:12: Looks like Måbødalen, but I could be wrong. It would make sense considering in the video he’d just crossed the bridge
  • 2:24: It looks like a small town in Hardanger and I feel like I’ve been there, but I don’t know. You see many places like this in Hardanger 🙂
  • 2:29: Still think that’s Måbødalen
  • 2:50: The view from the top funicular station at Fløibanen, of course!
  • 3:00: The path down from Fløyen
  • 3:03: Never mind, now they are taking the funicular down!
  • 3:16: Any one know that mountain?
  • 3:20 onwards: These views could be almost anywhere in Western Norway. Hard to pin-point the exact places.
  • 3:28: I want to live at that house
  • 3:39: The alley Bellgården/Jacobsfjorden at Bryggen
  • 3:42: Oh good, they made it down from the Fløibanen. Not sure why they are walking in the middle of a busy road, though (anyone who’s been there knows – tour buses, taxis, cars – it’s a danger zone!)
  • 3:44: It’s so surreal seeing public buses drive by while they try to show you how historic and cute Bryggen is
  • 3:51: I still think that view is from Ulriken. But now I don’t know. It could also be from near Fløyen.
  • 3:53: This is the city viewed from Bryggen

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“Alone” by Alan Walker

  • Opening shot: Same view as in the Kygo video. The top of Mt. Ulriken
  • 0:26: That’s a map of Bergen. You can see Store Lungegårdsvann as the big puddle of water, and that major highway intersection above it
  • 0:54: Hiking somewhere in Bergen, possibly Ulriken
  • 1:37: I’m so glad he transported back home. Here come the typical Norwegian landscape views
  • 1:39: Scenic fjord, but not sure which one. It’s not Troll Tongue. Anyone know?
  • 1:44: It looks like the Naeroyfjord, but that’s just a guess
  • When the Ninjas are running through the woods, that’s just any old West Norwegian landscape. There are some city shots of Bergen in the background
  • 2:02: I can see there’s Bergen in the background, and I’d love to know exactly where this is so I can hike there
  • 2:06: There’s Rundemanen in the distance, so they must be at Ulriken

“Me in You” by Kings of Convenience

Before we get into it, let me say that this is my favourite of the music videos (and much more my style of music). The imagery of Bergen is just gorgeous. I always show this one to people. If you look at the comments on the YouTube video you see just how much people wanted to visit Bergen after seeing this video. Anyway, lets get into it:

  • This one is hard to time because they do it all in one take. They are filming from Fjellsiden, or the collection of wooden houses just behind Bryggen.
  • 1:00: On the left you can see the Skansen Fire Station. To the right is the tower of the Bergen Cathedral
  • 1:05: There are those adorable Bergen houses
  • 1:16: The main city fjord
  • 1:22: I see they filmed on the one day a year we get sunlight
  • 1:27: Can see Vågen, the harbour, and the roofs of Bryggen. St Mary’s Church is covered up by the scaffolding. This was actually filmed in 2012, the first year I visited Bergen. I remember being so disappointed I couldn’t see St. Mary’s. Anyway.
  • 1:41: They are over the street “Nikolaikirkeallmenningen”
  • 1:43: Can see St. Johns Church in the background and the mountains Damsgårdfjellet & Løvstakken
  • 1:46: Church of the Cross comes into view
  • 1:57: I really love Fjellsiden, though this video makes it look so big. Really, it’s quite small and compact. One of the best places to walk in Bergen.
  • 2:55: There’s Skansen again. That forest is part of the path up to the top of Fløyen

“WTF” by Haisam

This one came up in my research. Much lesser known than the videos above, but it’s worth checking out.

  • 0:09: This is the view from Skansen Fire Station, or maybe a little lower on the path
  • 0:15: The big open square is Torgallmenningen. Church of the Cross is to the left
  • Okay those next shots are way too quick. But roughly at 0:17 you can see the brick buildings on Bryggen
  • 0:19: So they are eating at Nama, a restaurant just behind Bryggen. Cool.
  • 0:26: Food looks good!
  • 0:34: I love Norwegian rap. I especially love that he’s rapping about his mother telling him to eat
  • 0:46: there’s the local ferry coming in. Nykirken is just to the right
  • 0:48: This view is confusing me. It looks like it’s near Skansen, but not Skansen. It may possibly be someones private balcony. Maybe he borrowed the same balcony from the Kings of Convenience video?
  • 0:50: Bergen Police Station (people really do skate in front of it)
  • 0:53: That’s one of the school buildings, but I can’t quite put my finger on it. Maybe it’s the aquatic centre?
  • 1:00: Now he’s skating near the Telegraph building
  • 1:09: Bybanen represent
  • 1:21: That graffiti is no longer there, but this wall is close to St. Mary’s Church, if you were to walk up to Dr. Wiesners pub. Today there’s a street artwork of the Buekorps. The graffiti means (and you can probably guess) “Bergen Out of Norway”
  • 1:30: Driving on the highway out of Bergen towards Stavanger. This is near Danmarksplass
  • 1:33: That street art was cool. Where is that?
  • 1:53: Driving around Nygård.
  • 1:55: There’s the Scandic Ørnen
  • 1:59: Store Lungegårdsvann
  • 2:28: Driving alongside Media City (love the Foodora bike). You can see the best street artwork in Bergen (in my opinion) on the left: “mother nature”
  • 2:49: Bergen is so gangster

“Free Bird” by Vanary

This video has some nice drone shots from the fjord area around Bergen.

  • 1:27: Looks like the Sotra Bridge

“Fremmed Krig” by Avertia

It wouldn’t be a list of music videos without at least one heavy metal song. Here we go.

  • 0:27: Okay that is Puddefjordsbroen. I walk that bridge every time I go into down. I never thought it was worthy of being in a music video, but here we go
  • 0:30: Still the bridge
  • 0:34: The view from the bridge
  • 0:38: They are really showing the entire walk across the bridge. I know the video is supposed to be moody, but I think the Volvo takes away from that slightly.
  • 0:42: My apartment! I’m famous!
  • 0:53: St. John’s Church
  • 0:59: The street across from St. John’s Church. This video is literally my daily walk.
  • 1:02: The view from St. Johns Church
  • 1:51: Garage Pub was a famous metal/rock pub on Olav Kyrres Gate, but it closed last year.
  • St Pauls, the Catholic Church of Bergen. It’s across the street from Garage
  • 1:59: Okay, lay off on the contrast.
  • 2:02: Thank you. That’s KODE 2 seen from Christies Gate.
  • 2:06: Festplassen with Mt. Ulriken in the background
  • 2:10: Olav Kyrres Gate
  • 2:24: This sculpture is near the lake at Byparken/Festplassen. KODE 2 is in the background
  • 2:26: The pavilion at Byparken
  • 2:28: Edvard Grieg statue at Byparken with Telegrafen in the background
  • 2:30: Sailors monument at Torgallmenningen
  • 2:36: The Blue Stone with the Theatre in the background
  • 2:40: Torgallmenningen
  • 2:47: Sundt shopping centre
  • 2:54: Holberg Statue at Torget. Lots of souvenir stalls there
  • 2:59: I’ve never seen the fish market look so hardcore
  • 3:34: The University of Bergen
  • 4:10: Church of the Cross

王源 – 十七 (官方完整版 MV)

  • This looks so cold, but I’m glad people come here in winter!
  • 0:15: Gamle Bergen Museum
  • 1:12: The towers of St. Mary’s Church
  • 1:14: Cycling along Øvregaten behind Bryggen
  • 1:16: The signs of Bellgården Alley
  • 1:18: So pretty. Bryggen, of course.
  • 1:33: Bergen Train Station
  • 1:51: Ah, so the postcard is telling him to take ‘Norway in a Nutshell’
  • 1:56: The Flåm Railway
  • 2:31: Flåm
  • 2:34: Stegastein Viewpoint
  • 2:39: Aurlandsfjord. This is why you come in winter!
  • Various imagery around Flåm and Myrdal

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Honourable Mentions: Videos Shot around Norway

I came across a lot of good music videos from all over Norway, and they need to be mentioned somewhere! One day I’ll put together a separate article, but for now here’s some of my favourite music videos shot in Norway.

“Embroidery” by Hanne Hukkelberg – ft. Emilie Nicolas

Shoutout to the imagery of Vigeland Sculpture Park and the Barcode in Oslo

“En Som Meg” by Hkeem

One of my favourite Oslo artists. Shoutout to Oslo Kebab & Pizzahus

Emma Vestrheim

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