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See Bergen and learn about Norway from home!

With the pandemic lasting a year, I’d say some of us are getting the travel bug. For me, I’m getting the guide bug. Now that the days are getting longer I’ve decided it’s perfect timing to introduce online experiences about Bergen.

Live Online Tours of Bergen

Join me for a one hour virtual tour of Bergen! On this walk, I’ll introduce you to Bryggen, the UNESCO-listed wharf, then we’ll head into the narrow alleys, exploring life in Bergen. Finally, we’ll make our way through the medieval town to Bergen’s fish market.

You are free to ask me anything about Bergen or Norway. This tour is designed to educate and inspire.

How does it work?

Shortly before the tour begins, you will receive via email a link to the Zoom chat. 

  • When the tour begins, I will appear on video and audio live from Bergen. 
  • I will walk through Bergen, talking into my microphone. I will be showing the city through my camera. 
  • I have points in the tour where I take questions
  • This is not a PowerPoint or pre-recorded. It’s live. 

Your privacy is important

  • You have the option to enable or disable your video connection – you do not need to have it on
  • I ask that audio is muted while I give the tour. 

Your experience matters

  • To avoid confusion, I have certain points in the tour that are open for interaction. That’s when you can enable your microphone. This is to stop people talking over me during the tour. 
  • Due to it being live and on location, I cannot provide technical assistance. In the interest of others, I do not spend time at the start making sure everyones connection is good. Please test Zoom ahead of time (I tend to be online up to 15 mins before the tour begins)
  • You will need a good and reliable internet connection for this tour to work properly. 
  • All tour times are in CET (Central European Time). They are arranged around Bergen’s current short daytime hours. As the days get longer, I will add more times so more can join. If you have a time recommendation, please let me know in the comment section. 

Booking Platform

  • All tours are the same no matter which booking platform you use. 

Online Talk: Norwegian Movies

Are you looking for something new to watch during this seemingly endless pandemic? My introduction to Norwegian cinema will give you a comprehensive overview of trends in modern Norwegian cinema, plus an overview of which Norwegian movies you can watch in your country. 

Watching Norwegian movies is a great way to learn more about the country, since all Norwegian movies reflect our culture and current social issues, a great way to learn the language, or just a great opportunity to see something new. 

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