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North Sami: Girkonjárga
Finnish/Kven: Kirkkoniemi
Russian:  Киркенес

Population 3,529
1,649 inhabitants per km2 (4,270 sq mi)

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Welcome to Kirkenes

Welcome to Kirkenes! Here you are; as far east as Norway gets, further north than almost anywhere else, and located just several kilometres from the Russian border. Kirkenes is Norway’s border town, and it’s Finnish, Sami and Russian cultural influence is easy to be seen. But Kirkenes is also a heavily industrial town, with its large shipping industry and iron ore mining and export dominating both the harbour and the cityscape. But don’t let this put you off; Kirkenes is focusing more and more on its tourism industry, and there are several museums and galleries in the town centre, not to mention almost countless World War II memorials and attractions. If museums aren’t your thing, there are many outdoor activities to do, from hiking to fishing, catching king crab or taking a husky safari. Most people visit Kirkenes as part of the Hurtigruten, but if you can, it’s worth spending an extra couple days in this fascinating border town.

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[thb_title style=”style9″ title=”NORTHBOUND”]

Arrives 9am

ATV/Squad Safari to the Russian border
Dog Sledding
Husky Tour
King Crab Expedition
Kirkenes SnowHotel
Riverboat to the Russian Border
Snowmobile Safari

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Departs 12:30pm