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The Weather


2019 High2019 Low2019 AverageNormal AverageDeviance
Oslo+27.6C (2 August)+8.5C (15 August)+16.8C+15.2C+1.6C
Bergen+27.8C (28 August)+8.5C (15 August)+16.4C+14.1C+2.3C
Tromsø+21C (29 August)+4.9C (25 August)+11.4C+10.9C+ 0.5C
Source: yr.no

Precipitation, Snow & Wind

Wettest DayTotal PrecipitationNormalDays with PrecipitationSnow DaysHighest Wind Gust
Oslo11 August (28.1mm)127.1mm89mm14013.4 m/s
Bergen31 August (52.5mm)399.6mm190mm21018.8 m/s
Tromsø26 August (21.5mm)70.6mm79mm9016.7 m/s
Source: yr.no


1 Aug Sunrise/Sunset1 Aug Day Length10 Aug Sunrise/Sunset10 Aug Day Length20 Aug Sunrise/Sunset20 Aug Day Length30 Aug Sunrise/Sunset 30 Aug Day Length
Oslo4:59am / 9:45pm16:46:335:20am / 9:22pm16:01:465:44am / 8:54pm15:09:506:08am / 10:25pm14:16:49
Bergen5:17am / 10:10pm16:52:555:39am / 9:46pm16:06:526:04am / 9:17pm15:13:396:28am / 8:48pm14:19:27
Tromsø2:24am / 11:09pm20:45:063:21am / 10:13pm18:52:244:10am / 9:20pm17:09:504:54am / 8:31pm15:37:17
Note: Does not include twilight hours, which does make the days feel longer, especially for Northern Norway (i.e It’s not completely dark all day). Source/For Full Statistics: https://www.timeanddate.com/sun/norway/oslo?month=1&year=2020

Note: Oslo has an astronomical twilight until 21 August, when the nights start getting dark again.

Note: Bergen has astronomical twilight until 23 August, when the nights start getting dark again.

Note: In Tromsø, it’s a civil twilight until 14 August, and then it’s a nautical twilight for the rest of the month.

Bergen in early August. This photo was taken in the evening

Weather Overview

Temperatures start to drop, rain starts to pick up. It still gets hot, though. Daylight is still fairly normal, though the midnight sun has disappeared from Northern Norway. The mornings and evenings are chilly, but the days are lovely.

Geiranger in August 2019
Vigeland Park in August 2019


This is the last major month of Norway’s tourism season. Attractions are still open for extended hours, and there are still crowds. However, there are some periods during the month when the crowds are less. August is a good month to go hiking or take part in the outdoor activities. The cities are also lovely, especially as kids start going back to school!

August is a good road trip month, especially once everyone goes back to school.


  • Bergen Beer Festival
  • Telemark International Folk Music Festival in features famous fiddlers, dancers and singers
  • The World Championship in Peeling Shrimps in Lindesnes. Yes, you read that right.