February in Norway

February in Norway! The sun is returning, the snow is thickening, and the kids are on school holidays. If you want to make the most of winter, this is a great month to visit. Go skiing, snowmobiling, dog-sledding, snow-shoeing, ice fishing and more! If you are interested in the Sami culture, don’t miss Sami Week up in Tromsø.

The Weather


2020 High2020 Low2020 AverageNormal AverageDeviance
Oslo+9.3C (22 Feb)-7.5C+1.9C-4C+ 5.9C
Bergen+9C (15 Feb)-1.7C (3 Feb)+4C+1.5C+ 2.5C
Tromsø+5C (7 Feb)-11.2C (16 Feb)-1.4C-3.7C+ 2.3C
Source: yr.no

Precipitation, Snow & Wind

Wettest DayTotal PrecipitationNormalDays with PrecipitationSnow DaysHighest Wind Gust
Oslo21 Feb (9mm)34.3C36mm74 (max depth 4cm)20.1 m/s (22 Feb)
Bergen46.9mm (10 Feb)336.9mm152mm265 (max depth 8cm)26.5 m/s (29 Feb)
Tromsø3 Feb (20.5mm)135.6mm86mm22Every day. Max. depth 68cm (28 Jan)21.7 m/s (6 Feb)
Source: yr.no


1 Feb Sunrise/Sunset1 Feb Day Length10 Feb Sunrise/Sunset10 Feb Day Length20 Feb Sunrise/Sunset20 Feb Day Length29 Feb Sunrise/Sunset29 Feb Day Length
Oslo8:31am / 4:30pm7:58:258:09am / 4:53am8:44:107:42am / 5:19pm 9:37:117:17am / 5:43pm 10:25:51
Bergen8:56am / 4:49pm7:53:098:33am / 5:13pm8:40:048:05am / 5:40pm9:34:187:39am / 6:03pm10:23:59
Tromsø9:26am / 2:29pm5:02:418:41am / 3:16pm6:34:567:54am – 4:03pm8:09:067:12am / 4:42pm9:29:32
Note: Does not include twilight hours, which does make the days feel longer, especially for Northern Norway (i.e It’s not completely dark all day). Source/For Full Statistics: https://www.timeanddate.com/sun/norway/oslo?month=1&year=2020
Lofoten Islands around 4pm
Near Kirkenes around 2pm

Weather Overview

February is a lovely weather month. It is normally less rainy than January, and the weather is also cooler. Snow is building up in the streets, and the daylight hours are becoming more normal.

The days get noticeably longer in February. Oslo receives about 8 hours of sunlight, while Tromsø gets 6-9 hours – it changes very quickly. Tromsø roughly gains 10 minutes of sunshine a day.

February is a cold month; one of the coldest in Norway. The cold skies are good, though, as it pushes the clouds away and opens up for the northern lights.

Northern Lights

February is a great month to see the northern lights!


What’s interesting about most Norwegian restaurants is that their menus are always seasonal, so you’ll always see something different on the menu depending on what season you visit.

In February, like January, expect a lot of Christmas classics still on the menu. This includes:

  • Pinnekjøtt: A traditional Christmas lamb dish. I wrote about it, which you can read here.
  • Lutefisk: Yes, the famous Norwegian lutefisk. A lot of people come to Norway expecting to see it on the menu all year, but it’s only really eaten around Christmas.
  • Veal
  • Lamb Ribs
  • Dried Cod

If you’re visiting the Lofoten Islands, you’ll see that the Lofotfisket season is underway. Prepare for lots of cod (skrei) on the menu! And while you’re there, go and stand underneath the racks of drying cod. I did it in Henningsvaer in February!

Tromsø mid February 2020
Trondheim mid February 2019
Bergen February 2019


In the southern part of Norway, tourism is very quiet in February. We still have winter hours at the museums and attractions.

The museums and attractions have their winter hours in January, which means reduced days and hours. The major museums will be open 10am-4pm (or 11am-3pm), while the smaller ones will be open for even less hours, or only on weekends. If you love museums, this may not be the month for you. For the rest of us, the lack of museums gives us more reasons to go exploring outside!

Very few tours run in Bergen in February Here are just some of them:

  • Norway in a Nutshell: The round trip from Bergen/Oslo runs throughout the year, so if you want to see frozen waterfalls and snowy mountains, this is a great option


February is a very good month to go skiing. The mountains may be snowy enough in Bergen that you can stay in the city, but if you take the train to Voss or Myrdal you’ll be met with lovely ski conditions.


School Holidays

There are school holidays in Norway in February, usually spread out over two weeks. This can make the mountain ski areas very busy.


  • Ice Music Festival in Finse: Head to this remote ski destination for a winter festival made of ice, including stages and instruments
  • Birken Ski Festival: Follows the same route that the Birkebeinerne took in 1200 in order to carry the young prince Håkon Håkonsson back to safety. The route goes from Lillehammer to Trondheim. Participants are required to wear a backpack that is a symbol of carrying the weight of a child
  • Sami Week: The 6th of February is Sami National Day in Norway. In Tromsø, they have an entire week of festivities called Sami Week. There is a week of Sami events, including the national reindeer racing championship, where Sami lead a reindeer spring along Tromsø’s main street. This is a must see. There’s also Sami exhibitions, markets, seminars and concerts.