June in Norway

The Weather


2019 High2019 Low2019 AverageNormal AverageDeviance
Oslo+28 C (6 June)+6.8C (2 June)+15.4C+15.2C-0.2C
Bergen+28.1C (6 June)+7.4C (1 June)+14.1C+13.3C+0.8C
Tromsø+17.3C (21 June)+2.5C (11 June)+8.5C+9.2C– 0.7C
Source: yr.no

Precipitation, Snow & Wind

Wettest DayTotal PrecipitationNormalDays with PrecipitationSnow DaysHighest Wind Gust
Oslo27.8mm (7 June)124.8mm65mm13021.1 m/s (27 June)
Bergen25 June (34mm)159.6mm132mm17020.9 m/s (6 June)
Tromsø23 June (29mm)94mm55mm13016.1 m/s (26 June)
Source: yr.no


1 June Sunrise/Sunset1 June Day Length10 June Sunrise/Sunset10 June Day Length20 June Sunrise/Sunset20 June Day Length30 June Sunrise/Sunset 30 June Day Length
Oslo4:06am / 10:24pm18:17:383:56am / 10:37pm18:41:563:53am / 10:43pm18:49:543:59am / 10:41pm18:41:43
Bergen4:23am / 10:50pm18:27:254:13am / 11:04pm18:51:004:09am / 11:10pm19:01:104:15am / 11:08pm18:54:14
TromsøUp all day24:00:00Up all day24:00:00Up all day24:00:00Up all day24:00:00
Note: Does not include twilight hours, which does make the days feel longer, especially for Northern Norway (i.e It’s not completely dark all day). Source/For Full Statistics: https://www.timeanddate.com/sun/norway/oslo?month=1&year=2020

Note: Throughout June in Oslo & Bergen there is no true dark night; just a nautical twilight.

Note: Midsummer is 24 June. After that, the nights start getting longer.

Note: In Tromsø, it’s the midnight sun.

Bergen in June

Weather Overview

In June, the weather is normally lovely. Summer temperatures are creeping up, and June is typically one of the least rainy months in Norway. It’s still possible to see snow on the mountains, but the chance of it snowing is slim to none.

The midnight sun! Yes, this photo was taken at midnight 😉


Above the Arctic Circle is constant sunlight, i.e. the midnight sun. In the southern part of the country, you won’t get a true darkness. The sun does set, but we get more of a twilight sky than a night sky.

Bergen – Oslo Train June 2019
Vigeland Park Oslo
Flåm Railway
The Seven Sisters seen from Hurtigruten


June is a busy month for tourism. Hotels are typically booked for months in advance, and cruise ships are in the cities every day. Tourism is less common in Northern Norway during this time, so if you are looking for ‘off the beaten path’, that’s the place to go.

June is a good road trip month. The winter roads have opened, it’s not littered with caravanning Europeans like in July, and bus tours aren’t at their peak yet, though you will come across them.


Norwegians celebrate Midsummer Eve, or ‘Sankthansaften’ (Saint John’s Eve) on 23 June. Parties take place all over the country, especially along the coast or up in the mountains. The Norwegians take their bonfires seriously – in 2016, residents in Ålesund built the world’s largest open-air fire. Risky business since their entire city burned down from a fire.

List of Events in June:

  • Extreme Sports Festival in Voss. Base-jumping, paragliding, skydiving
  • Norwegian Wood Festival in Oslo. One of the most popular music festivals in the country
  • Faerder Sailing Race on the Oslofjord. Hundreds of sailboats race to the finish line.
  • Tromsø’s Midnight Sun Marathon: draws enthusiastic runners from over 30 countries.