November in Norway

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The Weather


2019 High2019 Low2019 AverageNormal AverageDeviance
Oslo+6.9C (19 November)-7.2C (30 November)+1C+0.7C-0.3C
Bergen+11.7C (22 November)-4.7C (11 November)+3C+4.6C-1.6C
Tromsø+6.3C (21 November)-12.4C (21 November)-2.4C-0.6C-1.8C


Precipitation, Snow & Wind

Wettest DayTotal PrecipitationNormalDays with PrecipitationSnow DaysHighest Wind Gust
Oslo19 November (19.2mm)112.3mm73mm166 (max depth 10cm)15.3 m/s
Bergen13 November (28mm)58.5mm259mm7015.8 m/s
Tromsø3 November (20mm)105.3mm105mm12Every day (max depth 53cm)19.4 m/s


1 Nov Sunrise/Sunset1 Nov Day Length10 Nov Sunrise/Sunset10 Nov Day Length20 Nov Sunrise/Sunset20 Nov Day Length30 Nov Sunrise/Sunset
30 Nov Day Length
Oslo7:39am / 4:20pm8:40:428:02am / 3:58pm7:55:388:27am / 3:37pm7:09:408:49am / 3:21pm6:31:17
Bergen8:03am / 4:39pm8:36:218:27am / 4:17pm7:50:098:52am / 3:55pm7:02:529:15am / 3:38pm6:23:14
Tromsø8:12am / 2:41pm6:28:538:59am / 1:56pm4:57:0310:02am / 12:56pm2:54:49Down all day
Civil Twilight: 8:47am – 2:17pm
Note: Does not include twilight hours, which does make the days feel longer, especially for Northern Norway (i.e It’s not completely dark all day). Source/For Full Statistics:

Note: From 27 November the sun doesn’t rise in Tromsø, but there is still a twilight sky. I’ve included numbers for the brightest of the twilights, civil twilight, but it is a little brighter for longer.


Weather Overview

Winter is starting to set in, and the temperature will begin to drop. On top of that, November is a very rainy month. We do get some snow in November, but it’s quite rare.

The Northern Lights are visible in September.

The last autumn colours in southern Norway disappear during November, and in the north it begins snowing. The air is crisp and chilly, and the fewer daylight hours start to become more noticeable. By the end of November, the sun doesn’t rise in Northern Norway and Bergen gets about 6 hours of daylight.

Northern Lights

The Northern lights are visible in November.

Troldhaugen in November 2019
Bergen November 2012


This is one of the more peaceful months. We do get some winter tourists, but not as many as you’d expect later in the winter season.

It’s unlikely that winter activities will be ready in November; there isn’t much snowfall in south and not enough snowfall in the north. November is typically grey and rainy, making it not the best month for outdoor activities.


Rakfisk Festival. During the first weekend of November, the town of Fagernes hosts this festival in honor of the fishy delicacy called rakfisk (semi-fermented trout), and it has grown to become one of the largest food events in Norway drawing more than 25,000 people every year. Producers of rakfisk and other local products and handicrafts turn the streets into one big marketplace with more than 100 small stands where you can sample and buy their products. There’s also concerts and dancing.