September in Norway

The Weather


2019 High2019 Low2019 AverageNormal AverageDeviance
Oslo+22.5C (21 September)+2.6C (19 September)+11.4C+10.8C+0.6C
Bergen+22.3C (22 September)+3.5C (19 September)+11.6C+11.2C+0.4C
Tromsø+21.2C (11 September)-1.3C (24 September)+7.4C+6.9C+ 0.5C

Precipitation, Snow & Wind

Wettest DayTotal PrecipitationNormalDays with PrecipitationSnow DaysHighest Wind Gust
Oslo28 September (39.6mm)168.8mm90mm12014.8 m/s
Bergen15 September (75.1mm)259.5mm283mm18020.4 m/s
Tromsø22 September (17.4mm)106.7mm100mm17016.5 m/s


1 Sep Sunrise/Sunset1 Sep Day Length10 Sep Sunrise/Sunset10 Sep Day Length20 Sep Sunrise/Sunset20 Sep Day Length30 Sep Sunrise/Sunset 30 Sep Day Length
Oslo6:13am / 8:19pm14:06:096:34am / 7:52pm13:08:006:57am / 7:21pm12:24:197:20am / 6:51pm11:30:36
Bergen6:33am / 8:42pm14:08:336:55am / 8:14pm13:19:247:18am / 7:43pm12:24:407:42am / 7:12pm11:29:53
Tromsø5:02am / 10:22pm15:19:305:39am / 7:40pm14:01:226:17am / 6:54pm12:36:436:56am / 6:09pm11:12:43
Note: Does not include twilight hours, which does make the days feel longer, especially for Northern Norway (i.e It’s not completely dark all day). Source/For Full Statistics:

Note: Tromsø has astronomical twilight until the 17th of September, when the nights start getting dark again.

Driving Bergen – Oslo in late September

Weather Overview

Typically a rainy month. You won’t see snow anywhere, though the weather is starting to cool. There are the last bits of summer in the first half of the month, and temperatures in southern Norway are still pretty good. Above the Arctic Circle, autumn has arrived and the colours start to turn orange. September can also be an unpredictable month, and the weather can change rapidly.

The Northern Lights are visible in September.

Vigeland Park in late September
Trollfjord in late September


The tourism season starts to die down in September, with the last groups typically doing their last tours around the middle of the month. The attractions tend to switch to their shorter winter hours by the end of September, but each one is different.

It is possible to see the Northern lights in September, and it’s a good month for road tripping because snow hasn’t blocked the roads yet. It feels comfortable to get around and hunt the northern lights yourself.


  • The Bergen Food Festival:

During the festival local food producers and chefs work together to create amazing food experiences. The food focuses specifically on the west coast of Norway and there’s a great selection of local cheese, meat, seafood, honey, vegetables, fruits, berries, cider, bakeries, and other exciting produce. At the same time and same place, the Norwegian Cider Festival takes place. What a perfect combination!