Walking Tours of Bergen

Explore Bergen’s history, culture and everyday life with my unique walking tours.

Welcome to I Love Bergen!

I Love Bergen is a Norwegian travel blog that digs deep into the history, culture and best places to visit in this beautiful country. It is run by Emma, a professional tour guide and travel leader for the Nordic region.

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The History of Harstad

Explore the history of the third-largest city in Northern Norway, from the Vikings to wealthy trading merchants.

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A Self-Guided Walking Tour of Tromsø

Explore Tromsø on foot with my self-guided walking tour. It’s designed for those riding Hurtigruten but can be anybody!

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New on the blog
Hegge Stave Church

Deep beneath the renovated surface lies a stave church with a unique story, plus some carved faces on the staves!

Runic Stories at Høre Stave Church

Find stories of ancient Norway written in the walls of this fascinating 12th century stave church.

Norway’s Highways: The E16 Between Bergen & Oslo

What to see and do on Norway’s most popular highway.

Recreating the Past at Øye Stave Church

Øye Stave Church is located by the main highway between Bergen and Oslo, and it’s a fascinating little church. Here’s what you need to know.

The Fascinating History of Vang & the Vang Stone

When driving between Bergen and Oslo, be sure to stop in Vang to explore the fascinating history in this small town!

Lomen Stave Church

A guide to Lomen Stave Church, one of the historic churches in Valdres Valley.

Road-trips in Norway

A Scenic Drive Through Telemark

Telemark is a fascinating part of Norway and best viewed with a road-trip. Here’s where I recommend going.

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